2014 Hodaka Days People's Choice Bike Show Winners!

01 Jul 2014 4:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

124 Bikes entered. (Previous record 92)

132 Ballots cast.



Ace 90 (Featured Bike)

   1st   John Drake

   2nd  Dale Dvorak


97 Super Combat and 98 Super Rat

   1st   Drake Dunlap

   2nd  Shawn Riley


Ace 100 (all)

   1st   Clint Pullman

   2nd  Chris Miller


Road Toad (all)

   1st   Monica Hlavinra

   2nd  Jim Alexander


Chrome tank Super Rat

   1st   Gary Gendron

   2nd  Gary Gendron


175 & 250 (all)

   1st   Greg Watkins

   2nd  Ben Schenk


Wombat (all)

   1st   Barry McBride

   2nd  Chris Allen


Best Hodaka powered (other brand)

   1st   Brian Omatsu  -  Steen

   2nd  Lee Fabry  -  Mini Rickman Hodaka


Combat Wombat

   1st   Rick Vernier

   2nd  Nate Ewer


Harry Taylor Award/Best Custom MX’er

   1st  Lee Fabry

   2nd  Lane Marshall


Dirt Squirt (all)

   1st   Dan Holmes

   2nd  Brian Omatsu



   1st   Jay Lael

   2nd  Nate Ewer



   1st   John Hielm  -  100cc Road Racer

   2nd  Lee Fabry  -  Mini Rat 50cc Hodaka


Bad Rock Ride

   1st   Tia Flynn  -  Rose Toad

   2nd  Milo Lynville  -  Camo Ace


Best of Show

   Lee Fabry  -  Mini Rickman Hodaka


Koepke Award/Best Technical Innovation

   Rich Gagnon  -  Reed Valve


Best Original

   Clint Pullman  -  1970 Ace 100B


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