Save the Date! Hodaka Days 2018

06 Jan 2018 5:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Hodaka Days 2018 is scheduled for June 21-24, 2018
More details will be coming soon!

The planning committee has met, and details are being worked out behind the scenes, but get this on your calendar NOW!


  • 11 Mar 2018 8:41 AM | Deleted user
    Year 2 for me! And added a new Ace 100 to bring with my Road Toad. This year I know a little more about what to expect and better prepared. Fun times!
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  • 16 Jun 2018 2:58 PM | Deleted user
    I'm looking forward to the BR Reunion ride as it will be my first time riding in it and I have been wanting too since the 70's when I attended one of the qualifiers there.
    I'll be on a 74 Honda MT125 and be sure to lay it down in any streams for the Hodies to go over on :)) I purpose built it just for the BR ride and will probably have it for sale afterwards as I would like to get another Hodaka . An Ace 100 was my very first bike I bought from Jim Poteet? that kept me out of a lot of trouble my peers were getting into back in the day.
    See you all soon. rj
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