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Hodaka Days Photos

20 photo(s) Updated on: 05 Jan 2023
  • Two legends in the Motorcycle World, PABATCO's Harry Taylor and AMA Hall of Famer Preston Petty
  • General Manager of PABATCO Chuck "Swanee" Swanson and Hal Osborn
  • Lee Fabry and his custom model 93 "mini" Super Rat
  • Jack Kelly and "Captain" Ed Chesnut getting ready to ride some Trials
  • VMX Magazine Editor Ken Smith, Paul Stannard and Harry Taylor
  • Ed Chesnut conducting a Tech School on how to adjust a shift case
  • Tommy Croft with Danny Messmore, Charlie Robinson and Ron Pomeroy
  • Ed Chesnut rippin' on the scrambles track
  • Pristine model 92 and model 95 entries in the Hodaka Days Bike Show
  • A model 93A 1971 Super Rat 100
  • Custom Trials Hodaka resting peacefully in Athena City Park
  • Hodaka Days is always held during the last full weekend in June
  • Combat Wombat model 95 enduro entered in the Hodaka Days Bike Show
  • A model 96 Dirt Squirt rider at the first checkpoint during the Bad Rock ride
  • Lee Fabry's astonishing WEBCO Rickman Hodaka 125
  • Rickman Hodaka 100 racer at the height of the Hodaka Days Bike Show
  • Hodaka model 98 Super Rat 100 entries in the Hodaka Days Bike Show
  • It's mostly about about GREEN here as the Hodaka Road Toad 100's rule
  • Two nice Hodaka 250 ED "Thunderdogs" and some 250 SL's in the Bike Show
  • Some shiny, early model 90 Aces in the Hodaka Days Bike Show

Road Tests!

We've located a really neat old Cycle World Road Test from 1970 for the 1970 Super Rat and 100B! Any You can have a copy for yourself! Click to download!

We also found this great 1975 Motorcyclist review of the classic 1975 Road Toad!

If you have a toad, you need its history! Click to Download! 

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