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Gold Sponsors

Bank of Eastern Oregon

Berger, MO
(573) 834-5001

Best Western Inn - Pendleton


California Hodaka

(626) 324-0303

Maxima Racing Oils

Red Lion Motor Inn

Chuck and Dyann Swanson  Roger Lippiatt  

"Thunder Top-Dog" Sponsors


Dennis Stubblefield Sales

Yuasa Battery


Humbert Refuse & Recycling

Buchanan's Spoke and Wheel

Sprocket Specialists


Giant Loop Moto

Doug's Septic Service

Milton Freewater, OR


VMX Magazine

 Brandon King

Max and Eweleen Good
Lee Fabry
Kelly McKiernan 
Thal and Carole Anderson  Earl Burrows

"Dirt Squirt / Fun Hundred" and "Rat Packer" Sponsors

Schenk Racing

Eatonville, WA

(360) 832-8364


Elvis' Bar and Grill

Pendleton Airport (541) 276-3104

Peter Starr


George Cone Dwain Hiebert & Rogenia Long Jack Broomall
Rick Burk Rick Mott Rick Piper
 Stephen Phillips  Steve Fellows Stu Gilliard 
Stuart Osborn

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