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The Bad Rock Trail Ride

Back in the day, the historic town of Weston, Oregon was the site for the famous Bad Rock ISDT (International Six Days Trials) qualifier in the early 70's.   Athena, only a few miles away, was where Hodaka motorcycles were designed, developed, imported and then put to the ultimate test at the Bad Rock. It's a great time riding your Hodaka through some beautiful Blue Mountain back country and on the actual race course ridden by world-famous racers during the U.S. ISDT team 2-day qualifiers.

The event takes off from Weston, OR approximately four miles east of Athena.

It's about a 40 mile course, designed to be an easy ride for someone who has not been riding regularly or who wants to protect their investment in some of those hard to find Hodaka parts. The club will provide a trailer at several points along the route to transport bikes with mechanical problems or bikes from riders who, for whatever reason, just don't wish to finish the course.

The course does include several sections where the route uses county roads. Special arrangements have been made with the local authorities to allow trail bikes to use these sections during the event. Other than county roads, all the off road sections are on private property and will not require an ORV permit. However, all bikes must be equipped with a working silencer and spark arrestor.


This event is an AMA sanctioned recreational event. You do not need to be an AMA member to participate. However, without the help of the AMA, we could not afford to put on events like this and we encourage you to consider joining.

The American Motorcyclist Association web site is:

You must pre-register for the Bad Rock. There will be more information on this as we get closer to Hodaka Days. Members will get a notification in their email that registration is open prior to the public announcement when the general public will be allowed to register. This ride is limited in the number of riders but will be open to all makes of (twin shock, drum brakes, air cooled) vintage bikes.

All  participants are required to sign approved waivers.

Important information concerning AMA waivers Waivers for minors must be signed by both parents. (if applicable)
If you need a waiver for a minor and both parents (with legal custody) will not be in attendance at the event, email the Webmasters and we will get you the paperwork to sign and have notarized. The waiver must be notarized to be valid if the signatures cannot be witnessed at the event!

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